Managing through Redundancies and Difficult Times Workshop

Telling a person that his/her position is redundant, when this is not what the person wants, is one of the most challenging conversations any leader can be confronted with. It is more difficult than firing a person, or telling someone that he/she didn’t get the expected promotion. Issues of fear, loss, anger, confusion and complete denial are common in these interactions. Leaders must be equipped with the skills and tools to manage themselves and the people affected.

Program Overview

This workshop focusses on having the most difficult of all conversations, the one in which a leader must tell an employee that he/she is losing a job. The position is being made redundant, that there is either an option of redeployment – or there are no alternatives available. Participants will learn critical skills for handling the different conversations – from breaking the news to the final interaction

What Next?

We believe every business is different and a one size fits all approach will rarely result in the best outcome. We customise this course to suit your unique training needs. The success of our training is in our familiarisation process. We ensure that the solutions we deliver directly relate to your business challenges.

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