Keynote, Conference and PD Presentations

We’ve taken our latest thinking on a range of people performance issues and packaged them into compelling and relevant Keynote and PD presentations that we can deliver as part of your leadership conference or management away day.

Our speakers offer high energy, deep operational knowledge, brilliant storytelling and uncompromising honesty to make sure you have a session that will disturb and challenge your team’s thinking long after your event has finished.

Topics for Keynote and PD presentations include:

  1. The 4 M’s of Success: Mindset, Motivation, Momentum, and Mastery
  2. The Law of Stretch – How the application of this law can change your life
  3. Self Care – The skill set that saves lives
  4. The truth about positive attitude
  5. The ultimate communication trap – how we climb into that box and how to get back out
  6. Coping with and Embracing Change
  7. Resilience – from coping to thriving: a model that makes the difference
  8. Leading from your Highest Expression: the importance of aligning your multiple intelligences
  9. Default Conditioning or Conscious Awareness – essential elements to be aware of
  10. Getting out of your own way: Recognising some of the patterns that hold you back

If you would like to discuss your up and coming leadership event or away day and how our Keynote and PD presentations might fit, please call us on 1300 305789 or email