3 employee development TEMPLATES you’ll love using

Imagine using Employee Development plans that HR, managers and employees connect with….

Do your line managers have the right tools to provide their employees with the developmental support they need?

Employee development

All well executed and successful employee development follows a distinct path.

Behavioural Standards

The first port of call on a successful employee development journey is to have well written standards. All behaviours emanate from standards. If the action or task is to jump – the standard must describe “how high”, “how many times”, and what kind of jump is required for great jumping to occur?

Skills Audit

The next part of the journey is to understand what skills and knowledge exists and what is missing. A great gap analysis can be done quickly and easily and also engage the employee fully in the process ~ this will increase “buy in” and self-development.

Development Planning

The final part of this journey is the development planning process. Most organisations use Individual Development Plans as a static part of a review process. In these cases, it generally does not result in any development at all. Instead, it simply ticks a box to say that there has been a development plan created. Its time to turn that process on its head and implement a “Living Development Plan”. The name is purposeful and instructional! It is designed to be a living process, not just a document that is never referred to again.

We’ve created three great templates to help you deliver effective and sustainable development:

1. Behavioural Standards Template find out here. It comes complete with instructions, examples and a blank template for you to get started.

2. Skills Audit Template. Again, there are instructions for use and the entire template can be modified and reused to your heart’s content.

3. LDP (Living Development Plan) Template. This template also comes with a set of instructions and recommendations.

We think development is a cyclical process and we’ve put together some notes for you on how to get started with an employee development cycle that will be effective and easy to maintain. When you download the templates you will also receive our free eBook The Development Cycle.

Need more? We can get you started by facilitating a Behavioural Standards Workshop for you and your team. This workshop is about creating behavioural standards that give guidance for both the staff members who are responsible for the behaviours, and also for the Team Leaders who are responsible for managing the performance of the staff.

To find our more about Alive & Kicking Solutions and how we can help you achieve success through better human connection, contact us

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