City of Mandurah

‘I was surprised by how keen the Supervisors were and how prepared they were to see it through. From the Familiarisation stage there was positive feedback from all staff. Beth was fantastic adapting each session to the direction that was needed at the time’.

Cameron Tuck,  Superintendent Cityparks,  City of Mandurah

Their Goals

The CityParks team face increasing pressure from a growing population with greater needs and demands. They needed to unite the workforce to ensure service levels can keep up with consumer expectations. 

Our Solution

We designed a linked training and coaching approach to Frontline, Team Leader, Supervisor and Leadership levels to unite staff and clarify the chain of command. 

The objective was to provide Frontline staff with customer facing attitudes and skills, to provide Supervisors with communication and management skills to reinforce learning and challenge persistent attitudes and behaviours affecting team performance and productivity, to support and encourage continuous staff development and to align leaders to ensure consistency of approach with all teams.

Executive coaching of the leadership team supported individuals to learn, change and develop themselves.

The Results

  • Frontline staff is better equipped to deal with different personality issues and have greater confidence in their communication
  • Emerging team leaders are more aligned with their responsibility & accountability levels
  • Supervisors have become more proactive, less reactive
  • Leadership team have a greater sense they are making recognised contributions to the organisation and leading with greater consistency
  • All staff is behaving more in line with the City’s values
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