Peak Performance Coaching Skills Program


This Peak Performance Coaching Program provides an ideal environment for organisations to explore, maintain and develop positive working cultures. 

The course also offers the necessary skills for coaches in the environment to address such issues as:

•             Morale

•             Choosing the appropriate improvement tool

•             Understanding when Coaching IS the answer – as opposed to Training

•             How and why Operating Standards are critical to the coaching process

•             The ability to give useful feedback that enables an individual to improve their skills
               and performance

•             Designing effective development activities & tracking them across time

•             Managing the balance between employee and organisational needs

•             Coaching relationship vs the team leader relationship

•             Organisational behaviour


Workshop Content Overview

The following information offers a high-level overview of the Peak Performance Coaching workshop sessions.


Workshop 1    Setting the Stage for Coaching in YOUR environment:  Creating Organisational Culture through Coaching / Definitions & Benefits
Workshop 2 Learning to choose the correct improvement tool.  Where Training ends and Coaching begins.  Developing Organisational Standards ~ the beginning of the coaching story.
Workshop 3 The Brass Tacks – Part 1: Learning to Observe
Workshop 4  The Brass Tacks – Part 2: Learning to create Development Activities and track them across time.
Workshop 5   The Real Thing: Learn / Do / Learn Modelling.
  Note:   this half day is spent on client site and must be conducted on a day when the contact centre is operating as per usual ~ and observations can take place. It is often extended to a full day to include initial scheduling of coaching activities for each coach’s team 
Workshop 6 The Moment of Truth: Learning the rules for effective feedback / The Positive Sandwich / Setting up the Ground Rules for conducting an effective feedback session.
Workshop 7 Learn / Do / Learn – Practice giving feedback followed by a question and answer session about coaching
Workshop 8 Building dynamic activities: How to create facilitator’s guides and activities that effectively address specific skills.
Workshop 9 Learn / Do / Learn – Create centre specific activities and begin a database for continued learning between coaches
Workshop 10  More Coaching Resources: Conduct and Learning Styles Audit / Coach-ability Audit / Difficult Coaching Scenarios Practice

 Alive & Kicking Solutions use a real approach to human interaction that enables individuals, teams and organisations to connect at a deeper, more authentic, level ensuring understanding, trust and respect and leading to more creative and productive workplaces.                      

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